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For over 35 years, Go With The Flow has established strong ties to the best manufacturers in the paddlesports business.  We are always looking for deals from our vendors in the vein of factory blems or "seconds" from our business partners.  While it is not the objective for a boat manufacturer to create a non first quality boat, scratches and dents do happen.  As a result, companies will let these products go to select dealers (us) at discounted pricing.  GWTF actively seeks these products because they are always cosmetic, never structural and 100% warrantied by the manufacturer.  All in all, it is an alternative way to offer nearly perfect boats while passing the savings along to the customer.  While we strive to have a complete inventory of these deals in-store and on-line, the inventory fluctuates frequently.  Please feel free to contact us a the shop for more information regarding our current inventory and pricing.

The used boats & equipment we sell at GWTF were procured via customer trade-ins, was manufacturer demo models or was previously part of our rental operation.  The photo(s) depict the actual boat or product that is being offered for sale.  Please note that the majority of the GWTF rental fleet are less than one year old.  These items are sold "as is." but we strive to sell boats + boards that have many, many good years left in them (if not a lifetime!)  Prices are subject to change without notice. For more information or questions regarding these products call us at the store (770) 992-3200.


Are you wanting to sell your used canoe, kayak or SUP?  Do want to unload your equipment but aren't sure what it's worth or how to re-sell it?  We get this inquiry often and GWTF has a solution!  Go With The Flow offers "virtual consignment" service through our website to help you sell quickly at the maximum return.  We realized that selling paddlesports equipment can be challenging in many aspects.  The questions most commonly posed are related to where to list and for how much.  The first challenge posed is where can a person sell to a focused, trustworthy buyer?  BoatTrader.com or BoatDealers.com serve mainly a marine or PWC minded buyer as opposed to a used canoe or kayak purchase.  The newspaper?  Not a cost effective method or targeted buyer by going this route.  CraigsList?  This can be  hit/miss and borderline shady for some folks.  The other challenges faced are that the majority of people don't really know what they own, (make/model/year), what it's worth, how much it has age-depreciated, is it relevant, how old is it, what condition it's in, should I sell it with gear included or by itself, can I adjust my advertisement, can I change the selling price when I want. etc.   In the 35+ years of business, GWTF has sold tens of thousands of canoes, kayaks, and boards to customers and we are firmly confident that we can do the same for you.  Also, we make the process simple.  All we need from you is several inviting pictures of your item and we take it from there.  We will create the ad copy of the item(s) including it's current new market value, the items specifications, a comprehensive product description, and include and other relevant selling/saving points.  We will also discuss and advise the items "true worth" what you can expect to gain from the sale.  Here's how it works -  Because GWTF is limited with floor space and therefore cannot keep or hold consignment boats/boards on the premises of the actual shop.  This is why it is termed "virtual consignment"  Our service charges a flat, one-time upfront fee of $50 to create and run your advertisement for a period of six months.  (For an additional ten dollars we will run ad for a full year)  With this ad comes the ability to edit (add new photos, raise/lower price, change ad copy or content, revise contact information)  

canoes and kayaks, but for a one time fee of $50 dollars, we will post your boat on our website until it is sold. All you need to do is drop by our store with your boat for an appraisal, contact information, and a digital photograph. The transaction/sale of your boat will be conducted by you and the prospective buyer.

For a one time fee of $50 dollars, we will launch a customized, profesional digital ad designed to sell your item for maximum amount as quickly as possible.   All you need to do is drop by our store with your boat for an appraisal, contact information, and a digital photograph. The transaction/sale of your boat will be conducted by you and the prospective buyer.

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