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Price: $49.99
The KAVU® Rope Bag is medium-sized shoulder bag that comes in a large variety of colors and patterns that thousands of young women and kids find both functional and fashionable. Its solid construction and sensible design make it an all-time favorite!

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The KAVU Rope Sling is a water resistant, medium-sized shoulder sling bag that comes in a wide array of cute patterns and unique colorways. It is like the KAVU Rope Bag but it is sewn using lightweight yet durable 11oz 600 denier polyester material.
Dimensions12' x 32" x 7"- Weight 41 lbs (No Gear) EPS Foam Core Laminate Stringer Max Weight - 400 lbs -Skin1/1 Co-mingled Innegra
You Save: $440.00 (20%)
The KAVU Rope Pack is the newest addition to the KAVU Rope collection of bags and accessories. Think of it as the KAVU Rope Bag's cousin with a "high metabolism" due to its ultralight construction.
You Save: $5.00 (8%)


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